Like all other business ventures, opening a restaurant or catering service requires an incredible amount of dedication and attention to detail. Apart from securing the best location and committed employees, local restaurateurs and caterers will also have to source for high-quality kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipment can range from refrigerators to food processors, which may be costly but are essential for the success of the business. All kitchen equipment should be of excellent quality, thus reducing the need for expensive repairs and increasing the level of efficiency in the kitchen over time.

To select the best catering and kitchen equipment in Singapore for commercial purposes, you should refer to the following points:

Evaluate the type of food that will be served

Before purchasing any kitchen equipment, you should first take into account the type of food that will be served. Refer to your restaurant or catering service’s menu before purchasing any equipment and by doing so, reduce unnecessary expenditure. Restaurants or catering services in Singapore that are serving mainly meat dishes should look for kitchen equipment suppliers that sell large freezers to store the frozen products. For restaurants and catering services that serve grilled items like hamburgers, salmon and vegetables, a large char boiler should be essential.

Quality over cost

Business owners should undoubtedly resist the temptation to purchase second-hand kitchen equipment, as notwithstanding the lower expenditure, the equipment may require expensive repairs and maintenance. Furthermore, the second-hand equipment may be out-dated and lack required features. By purchasing new kitchen equipment from reliable suppliers in Singapore, you will no longer have to worry about the quality of the equipment. New kitchen equipment will also be quipped with a longer service life, so no extra expenditure on replacements will be required in the near future.

Purchase kitchen supplies from a single supplier

As far as possible, you should purchase the kitchen equipment you need from a single supplier to build a lasting working relationship with them. By strengthening this relationship, you are more likely to receive special privileges such as discounts or free technical support. Additionally, purchasing multiple kitchen equipment for your restaurant or catering business may make you eligible for a bulk discount, reducing the total cost spent.

Consider the usability of the equipment

When purchasing kitchen equipment for commercial purposes, you should ensure that they are easy to operate and can provide the maximum output with the minimum amount of effort. If the equipment is user-friendly, the cooking process will be much quicker, as your kitchen staffs will not have to waste time on figuring out complicated steps needed to operate them. A more efficient cooking process will help to increase customer satisfaction, as the food for the catering service or restaurant can be served promptly.

When deciding the kitchen equipment that is required, you should always seek the advice of other business owners and equipment suppliers. With their help, you can identify the features you need and the corresponding equipment you should purchase. You can also refer to the other resources on our website for more information and advice on purchasing equipment.