Things to Know About Restaurant Equipment in Singapore

Are you a newbie in the foodservice industry? Most newcomers in the industry get too overwhelmed that they tend to neglect some valuable things about starting up specifically on acquiring restaurant equipment. Many entrepreneurs think that they should invest a huge amount of money on the equipment, furniture, fixture, and machines. Restaurant equipment covers everything from dining tables, dishes, ice machines, fridge, to ovens.

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Deciding what kind of restaurant equipment to buy can be overwhelming for a newbie. So to help you out, here are some things you need to know about restaurant equipment to make buying easier and to avoid pitfalls of shelling out unnecessary budget.

● Restaurant kitchen should be well stocked

A commercial kitchen requires strategic and careful planning to promote efficiency and maximise space. There are different stations that comprised a typical restaurant kitchen with specific equipment. Each station has a different purpose. For instance, there is an area where a certain type of food is prepared. There’s a station for preparing the ingredients or storing foods. All these stations help keep the kitchen running smoothly and orderly. So, your restaurant kitchen should have the right kind of equipment. It means you need to get what is needed.

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● Refrigerators are one of the biggest investments

One important appliance for any commercial restaurant is the refrigerator. It is the place where you stock all the frozen food supplies and fresh produce. If you don’t have a decent fridge, your supplies will spoil immediately. Commercial refrigerators may range from $2,000 to $30,000 depending on the restaurant’s needs. There are refrigerators that are energy efficient which can help you cut back expenses. Be sure to check the maintenance and proper care of the appliance to prolong its life.

● Tables and chairs are part of the restaurant decor

When opening a new restaurant, most of the times, the tables and chairs take a big expense. This is why it is important to choose a type that can last for several years. The tables and chairs will heavily influence the overall look of the restaurant’s dining area. So you should carefully choose a type and style that can exude the atmosphere that you desire to show off. Visit several companies and compare their offerings so that it will be easier to decide which restaurant equipment supplier in Singapore to buy your tables and chairs.

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● Restaurant dishes are different from home kitchenware

When you shop for restaurant dishes, keep in mind that they are different from the typical home kitchenware. Restaurant dishes are designed to endure rough handling and heat. If you opt to use the regular dishes in your restaurant, chances are you will need to replace them more often. You might be able to save on the initial budget when you choose the regular dishes but when you need to replace them; you will be shelling out more money than you anticipated. Restaurant dishes are made to withstand daily usage and cleaning.

● Brand new restaurant equipment is not always practical

If you think that all equipment in your restaurant should be brand new, then you are very wrong. A new restaurant does not necessarily mean new equipment. There are high-quality used restaurant equipment and appliances you can acquire for less. For instance, you can buy used tables and chairs that still look good and highly functional instead of brand new ones. Surely, they cost less than the new ones. In fact, you can even find a Singapore restaurant equipment company that offers rental services.