Need a Boost? SevenRooms is Here to Revolutionise the Guest Experience for Hospitality Operators

Need a Boost? SevenRooms is Here to Revolutionise the Guest Experience for Hospitality Operators

SevenRooms is a guest experience platform that’s revolutionising the way operators capture and leverage their guest data to build direct relationships, deliver exceptional service and boost repeat visits and orders. To find out more about this groundbreaking technology and the future for the industry, the Hospitality Resource Directory Editorial team sat down with members of SevenRooms for a chat.

1. What is SevenRooms, and how does your company help your customers? 

SevenRooms is a fully-integrated, data-driven guest experience platform that helps hospitality operators connect data across the guest journey. From neighbourhood restaurants and bars to international, multi-concept hospitality groups, the end-to-end platform enables operators to leverage data to build more profitable direct relationships, deliver exceptional experiences, and increase repeat business. 

As we enter a new era for hospitality, our platform is mission-critical in helping operators do more with less, increasing revenue and loyalty while enabling best-in-class guest experiences for our partners throughout the world. 

SevenRooms has dining, hotel F&B, nightlife, and entertainment clients in 250 cities globally, including 1-Group Singapore, MGM Resorts International, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Jumeirah Group, Wolfgang Puck, Sense Group, Zuma, and COMO Lifestyle. 

2. What is your company's biggest differentiator? 

Our industry-leading guest experience platform was built exclusively with hospitality operators in mind, helping them to own their data to foster deeper, direct relationships with guests. Our singular focus and alignment with the needs of our operators mean we never compete to own those guest relationships.

Instead, we help operators create highly-personalised touchpoints throughout the guest journey that foster long-term loyalty. This focus on ‘direct is best’ enables our clients to drive repeat business through a data-driven, targeted approach to automated marketing. 

This year, we introduced new innovative products that shifted our technology from a point solution to a comprehensive, end-to-end platform. Today, we are the only platform on the market that gives operators a 360-degree view of their guests across all channels throughout the guest journey, whether they’re ordering online for delivery or booking a reservation for on-premise dining

Need a Boost? SevenRooms is Here to Revolutionise the Guest Experience for Hospitality Operators

Provide more personalised guest experiences with SevenRooms’ holistic guest profiles 
Source: SevenRooms

3. What's your business model?

SevenRooms operates on a SaaS model — charging a flat monthly subscription fee per outlet for the use of our platform. The full suite of products includes reservation, waitlist, and table management, online ordering, contactless order & pay, reputation management, and marketing automation. 

4. Has the crisis affected the way SevenRooms’ system is used in venues? 

The past year has been extremely challenging for the hospitality industry. However, through it all, we saw incredible levels of resilience and innovation from our clients across the world. With COVID-19 prevalent across many of our markets, we had to reevaluate how we could serve as both a resource and asset to our clients during this difficult time. Despite these challenges, we have continued to help operators meet the changed needs of guests with digital reservation and waitlists, online ordering, and contactless ordering and payments. These digital tools continue to help operators collect the data they need to provide exceptional services, regardless of whether a guest is ordering delivery online or visiting a restaurant for on-site dining. 

5. Why is guest data so valuable for hospitality operators? 

In today’s new era of hospitality, data is currency. Data collected into comprehensive guest profiles track everything from allergies to dining preferences and reservation history, allowing operators to personalise customer interactions in real-time and keep guests coming back. 

SevenRooms’ key differentiator is in helping operators collect, own, and leverage this guest data throughout the customer journey, including when a guest makes a reservation or orders directly through a venue’s website. 

These direct interactions help operators build deeper relationships in the long run by helping them provide more tailored experiences to their customers. The platform also seamlessly integrates with existing point of sale (POS) systems, which means that operators can track spend and customer order history in real-time, tying detailed POS information into robust guest profiles across multiple properties. 

Guest data also empowers operators to run automated and targeted marketing campaigns after the guest finishes dining or completes an online order. These marketing campaigns are fully customisable, allowing operators to target and re-target guests based on preferences, order history and other data points, ultimately increasing repeat business and brand loyalty.

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