The Kitchen Inspection Checklist Every Restaurateur Needs

The Kitchen Inspection Checklist Every Restaurateur Needs

Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA), holds the bar high for hygiene and cleanliness. A licence from NEA can only be obtained and maintained if the restaurant or food establishment continuously adheres to its set of hygiene standards.

In 2017, the agency carried out 82,000 inspections, of which 3,000 operators failed to meet the standards and over 130 licences were suspended. Stay out of that list and continually maintain hygiene with these seven tips!

Develop a standard cleaning procedure

Come up with a system that covers all bases. Ensure that this system meets NEA's hygiene standard. This procedure should then be carried out by everyone on kitchen duty. This way, the kitchen will constantly and consistently be clean. Moreover, constant expectations of cleanliness from your staff will also guide them to perform accordingly.

Learn from previous inspections

Some of the most common reasons for sanctions and licence suspensions are repeat violations. Use previous inspection reports as a guide to avoid repeating mistakes. Instead, familiarise yourself with the agency's standards. Have regular meetings with your team to address each inspection. Report and highlight the outcomes and propose solutions as well as preventive measures.

Proactively check NEA regulations

The NEA provides comprehensive guidelines to all food retailers in Singapore. These guidelines are readily available on their website. Because of regular updates, constantly check these guidelines to stay in the know.

Perform regular maintenance

The Kitchen Inspection Checklist Every Restaurateur Needs

Schedule routine inspections and maintenance for your equipment using the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you discover any malfunctioning appliances, contact reputable suppliers of commercial catering equipment in singapore to repair the malfunctioning equipment.

Replace thermometers and thermostats

Restaurants and commercial catering equipment in Singapore, such as walk-in cold rooms and refrigerators depend on thermostats and thermometers to function. However, as they age, their efficiency drops as well.  Arrange for regular assessments with your preferred Singapore catering equipment suppliers and replace the thermostats and thermometers whenever necessary.

Conduct routine deep cleaning

The Kitchen Inspection Checklist Every Restaurateur Needs

Source: Halorestorationservices 

Plan for a routine deep cleansing of your kitchen. Carefully inspect the area for signs of filth and unwanted items. Scrutinize cabinets, food appliances, and most importantly, food preparation surfaces. Inspect your frozen storage equipment for spills and ensure that raw foods are not stored with or are in contact with cooked food.

If you are doubtful of cleaning expensive equipment like ventilators or refrigerators, engage singapore’s catering equipment suppliers and request for a rep or technician to give you a hand.

Inform staff members about upcoming inspections

Though NEA does not inform establishments of the exact date and time of the next inspection, they do provide a range of dates. Share this information with your staff and ensure that each one continues to play their part in upholding hygiene standards. During this time, you should also conduct your own spot checks to assess the situation for yourself.

Maintaining hygiene in food establishments should be second nature to everyone involved, but it might not always meet NEA’s standards. To ensure that your licence is kept safe and to live up to your licence, keep these tips in mind and incorporate them into your kitchen practices.

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