5 Factors to Consider Before Building Your Dream Kitchen

5 Factors to Consider Before Building Your Dream Kitchen

If you are planning a kitchen for commercial operations, practicality, efficiency, rationality of costs, serviceability and compliance to local regulations will have to be top priorities. Constructing your dream workspace may be no less than changing, so here are five aspects to consider before you consult the catering equipment suppliers in Singapore.


When it comes to equipment, practicality is key. Sure, the marble-embossed countertop may appear aesthetically pleasing, but will it be able to withstand high temperatures and wear and tear? So instead of breaking the bank for a minimalist kitchen, we say to opt for functionality, to ensure that your kitchen is capable of handling daily operations.

As you engage commercial kitchen suppliers, keep in mind that the price tag is not the only factor to consider. Technological developments have made it possible for manufacturers to embed several functionalities in a single device. A higher price tag may be due to the multi-functionality of the equipment, which may turn out to be a worthy investment in the long run.

Space and layout

It is crucial for your kitchen to have adequate space, to allow for ample movement within the workspace. This can only mean one thing; you’ll need to come up with a well thought out kitchen layout, to maximise efficiency. Plus, who wants a cluttered kitchen that’ll do nothing but hinder the restaurant’s performance?

When consulting commercial kitchen equipment suppliers, do seek their professional guidance on the best layout options as well as equipment sizes. Alternatively, engage a professional commercial kitchen planner to assist you with the mentioned tasks.


Although kitchen equipment may be a capital expenditure for business, it does not give you the green light to overspend. Be sure you stay within your budget as you consider the various offers. Sticking to your budget will also help you not to go overboard with added functionalities and focus on the right range of equipment for your kitchen. Additionally, consider other costs of ownership such as utility costs and life expectancy.

Warranties, maintenance and after sales service

With so many Singapore commercial kitchen equipment suppliers to choose from, opt for suppliers who provide sound warranty and maintenance clauses. Also, we would advise engaging suppliers who are ready to install the equipment immediately upon purchase. 

Regular maintenance helps maintain efficacy, prevents unexpected breakdowns and warranties cushion you from incurring high bills even with the insurance companies.

Local codes

As you speak to different suppliers, ensure that they comply with the local health and safety regulations. Do also make sure that all appliances and kitchen layouts comply with the Code of Practice of Environmental Health (COPEH) and any other operational requirements for food shops. 

Considering the above facts will not only help you plan for smoother operations, but you will also be well on your way to maximising profits.

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