5 Must-Have Kitchenware For Every Chef

5 Must-Have Kitchenware For Every Chef

Looking to be the next Gordon Ramsey? Before you can embark on your Masterchef dream, it is important to first equip yourself with the necessary kitchenware. After all, there’s simply little point in mastering the recipes if you don’t have equipment to cook with.

Setting up your own kitchen requires a lot of research and cash. So instead of introducing state-of-the-art equipment, we’ve compiled a list of the top five must-have kitchenware that every chef should own.

Knives with Precision Cut Edges

A set of knives with razor sharp edges is all you need to achieve that perfect cut of meat. 
Besides slicing through meat effortlessly, you can better ensure that each strip of meat meets the specific proportions.

Cast Iron Skillets

As versatile kitchen staples, cast iron skillets are where you can sear your favourite steak on,
Also perfect for stir-frying vegetables and noodles, this cooking ware is a must-have for every chef. If you’ve heard of skillet cookies, you can now whip up some with a cast iron skillet. A good cast iron skillet is a good investment, so it is advisable to invest in some professional quality ones from restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore.

Deep Fryers

Nothing beats freshly fried nuggets, fries and fish fingers. To achieve that golden crisp, all you need is a deep fryer. This hassle-free equipment will ensure a quick and easy cooking experience, perfect for restaurateurs or for house parties. 

Measuring Devices

To ensure consistency and great taste, one will have to invest in measuring devices. Whether it’s a measuring cup or spoon, all chefs will need to a measuring device set to ensure the correct proportions of ingredients used.

Food Processors

With its ability to chop, slice, puree and blitz ingredients, a food processor goes a long way to ease your cooking experience. An invaluable addition of any kitchen, invest in a reliable food processor by sourcing from stores specializing in restaurant kitchen equipment in Singapore.

Although a good craftsman never blames his tools, these top five kitchenware will do much to complement any chef’s culinary abilities.

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