Top 5 Most Trusted Kitchen Equipment Suppliers in Singapore

Whether you are running a restaurant or a catering business, it requires using the top most quality appliances and kitchen equipment to ensure smooth operations. You have to make sure that the equipment you purchase will provide value for the money you invest. Top quality kitchen equipment lasts for several years without needing any repairs, maintenance, or replacement. This is why it is crucial to look for a trusted kitchen equipment supplier for your needs.

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If you are on a search for a supplier of kitchen equipment in Singapore, here are some of the most reliable companies you may consider. Choose a supplier that can meet your requirements without draining your budget.

Xiahe Porcelain(S)

Founded in 1982, Xiahe Porcelain is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of award-winning tabletop ranges both for home and international hospitality industry. The company provides kitchen products that are easy to clean, durable, and high stability. Xiahe’s core chinaware product (Strengthened Bone China) was patented by the company in 1995. The products received the highest recognition from clients across the world for superior durability and from being microwave-, oven- and dishwasher-safe. Xiahe focuses on creating high-quality and trendy design products that can match customers’ desire. The company specialises in supplying bar, kitchen and restaurant equipment.

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Established in 1982, Simplex Technical Service & Supplies is a well-known and reliable company when it comes to distributing kitchen equipment. The company is backed by over three decades of experience in industrial boilers, burners, heat transfer equipment and commercial laundry equipment. Simplex offers a one-stop solution in design consultancy, hands-on training, customised finishing, and technical support services. They have a team of highly experienced consultants who can visit the client’s kitchen to analyse the site and discuss ways to maximise available space in your kitchen. Some of their products include beverage dispensers, display cabinets, food processing equipment, heating equipment & systems, ice making machines, and more.

Starlight Stainless Steel

Registered in 2000, Starlight Stainless Steel specialises in the planning, distributing, and installation of commercial kitchens, offering a one-stop solution to every customer’s kitchen needs. The company occupies 6,000 square feet area as a way to meet client’s demands to manufacture and distribute stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment. Aside from supplying brand new kitchen equipment, Starlight also offers used equipment with full backup facilities to match customer’s needs and budgets. Their products come from different parts of the world such as USA, Italy, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The company ensures high-quality in every product they offer.

Advanced Kitchen

Advanced Kitchen was established in 1994 with a specialisation in designing, supplying, installation and offering after sales service to their customers. They offer custom-made stainless steel fabrication of commercial kitchen equipment for hospitality and food & beverage industry. The company is a reliable distributor of ovens & ranges, ice machines, display cabinets, stainless steel fabrication, induction cookers, grills & griddles, BBQ smokeless roaster, refrigeration, and more. Their kitchen equipment is imported from different countries including the USA, the UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The products are made to the highest quality and reliability so clients can rest assured that they can last longer.

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Somerville (Singapore)

Somerville is an authorised distributor for several world renowned manufacturers of laundry and food service equipment. A strong commitment to quality and standard has been the philosophy behind Somerville’s operation. They aim to provide their customers with the best design, quality and unparalleled support. The company supplies refrigerators, ice machines, baking ovens, Chinese ranges, and other kitchen equipment.