Food And Beverage Suppliers - Tips To Find 1

Are you searching for food and beverage supplies companies? With several suppliers available nowadays, it can be a little confusing to decide which company to do business with. There are many things you need to keep in mind such as prices, quality of the goods, delivery times, and various other factors. All these things will help you determine if you will do business with a particular food and beverage supplier again.

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Where to buy the best goods is an important financial decision to make. You don’t want to risk spending a huge budget on low-quality products. So, here are some things to remember when looking for food and beverage supplies companies.

Enquire Prices And Compare

Start your search by getting price lists from all potential suppliers with their proposed terms and condition. Once you have product lists, then you can compare the prices and conditions amongst the prospective suppliers. Check how much each of your required product costs from different suppliers. Consider what offer will the supplier make and how you will respond to it. Some suppliers offer big discounts for bulk purchases, which in turn gives you the opportunity to save money in the long run.

One clever tip is to not accept the first offer and ask what else they can include at the specified price. Make a counter-offer and see what the supplier will add-in at the revised offer.

Check Payment Terms

How are you going to pay the food and beverage supplies? A supplier may demand you to pay in advance, a deferred payment period of one month or more, or cash on delivery. You should determine which payment term suits you and your business. If you prefer to settle the amount due on a specific date, try to identify which supplier agrees to this term.

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Consider Delivery Schedule

One important thing to consider in looking for a supplier is the delivery schedule. Suppliers will probably tell you that you don’t have to worry about the delivery of ordered goods as they can do much more than what is stated on the contract. Don’t risk having a problem with the delivery. When your stock and inventory personnel tells you that you need to supplement supplies, will the supplier delivers the goods in appropriate time? You can’t afford to have delayed delivery of essential items, so you should clearly highlight this when contacting a supplier.

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Transport Of Returnable Packaging

Sometimes, it is inevitable that each delivery of ordered goods includes a returnable packaging. For instance, the frozen meat you ordered already smells bad or the vegetables you purchased were badly damaged during the transport. Who will be responsible for transporting it back to the supplier? Will they pick up the items? Will it be your responsibility to pay for the transport cost? You must include this matter in your enquiry with a possible supplier. Some suppliers have special terms when it comes to product returns. So you should check it out.

Make Contract Details Clear

Some food and beverage supplies companies will lure you to do business with them by offering low and sometimes unrealistic prices but with a plan to increase the rates soon. Avoid this kind of suppliers. Before you sign any contract, you should ask the supplier if they can guarantee the constant real price for a certain period. If the company demand you to purchase items only from them, then you should never sign any contract. You should have the freedom to buy from any supplier you wish to buy goods.