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HRD (Hospitality Resource Directory) Portal is the ultimate directory in Singapore for businesses in the food industry. This site has been designed to make it easier for restaurant owners and catering service providers to find the best companies to buy POS system, catering, kitchen and restaurant equipment as well as the finest food supplier in the country.

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Restaurateurs and foodservice providers are extensively using online business directories to find prospective suppliers and search for products and services. But with so many business directories in Singapore, choosing a good online directory for specific needs can be a daunting task. Oftentimes, you can find general directories covering a myriad of businesses from different industries. This is why HRD wants to help you find the best potential partners with just a few clicks.

Targets Specific Market

HRD only covers businesses that are related to the food industry, which means the directory is solely intended for enterprises in this specific market. The food service industry is very broad, which consists of businesses, companies and institutions responsible for any food prepared outside the house. This industry includes catering operations, restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, and several other formats.

Since it is a broad industry, it is just right to help these businesses find reliable suppliers for their needs to save valuable time and resources. Whether you are in need of high quality equipment to improve operations or food suppliers that can supply fresh and exceptional quality products, you can easily find them through this directory in Singapore. Unlike other general directories, you won’t have to waste your precious time looking for the food category and navigating just to get the list of suppliers in the country.

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Full Range Directory

This portal features top-notch companies that have established a name in the industry for years or even decades. HRD has a long list of companies that might be able to match your business needs. For instance, if you are looking for a company that can provide you high quality catering equipment, you can find Femac on the listing. This company has been around in the industry for more than 50 years which justifies the quality of service they provide to their clients and the exceptional customer service they offer. Meanwhile, if you are searching for kitchen equipment supplier, you will find U-Save F&B Equipment. The company is widely known for providing top quality products at relatively reasonable prices. At HRD, you can only find the best of the best. So you can rest assured that the companies listed here are reputable ones.

Below are some other categories:

  • Catering Equipment Companies
  • Kitchen Equipment Companies
  • Food Supplier
  • POS System Supplier
  • Restaurant Equipment Companies

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User-Friendly Interface

One important reason why HRD becomes a top directory in Singapore is the fact that it has a user-friendly interface. You might wonder why it is significant to have one. Well, online directory should be user friendly, meaning it should have a high quality feature that enables users to find a business of their choice quickly and without any hassle. Users just need to type the kind of business they want to look for and they should get instant results. User experience is critical in online directory. And HRD is fully aware of this, which is why users are happy and are comfortable using the directory.