5 Must-Have Equipment For Any New Restaurant

If you have plans to set up a new restaurant, one of the most important decisions you will be making is how to set up and equip your kitchen.

You will need to acquire Singapore’s best restaurant kitchen equipment in order to match up to the industry’s pressure and competition, and these are the must-have kitchen equipment for new restaurants: 

1. Freezers and refrigerators

All commercial kitchens in Singapore require some sort of cold storage because it is essential for preventing food items from perishing quickly.

Commercial grade refrigerators are designed to meet the demands of restaurants, and depending on the anticipated volume of your business and nature of operations, you can pick between large walk-in units and smaller reach-in units. 

Regardless of your choice, it is critical to consult a professional and get more insights into the make and technical specifications that would best suit your operations. You can also reach out to a few of Singapore’s top kitchen equipment suppliers for advice on what type of warranties you should look out for, and how you can keep maintenance costs low.

2. Food preparation counters

Food preparation tables and counters may sound like an obvious buy for any commercial kitchen, yet many restaurant owners have a tendency to overlook this essential equipment.

Go for steel surface food prep tables. They are versatile and can resist corrosion from harsh cleaning. Also, when looking for cutting surfaces, consider wooden over plastics. Although plastic is easier to sanitize, wood is tougher and doesn’t develop deep grooves that hide germs.

3. Mixers

If you intend to include baked products in your menu, a commercial grade mixer is a must-have. Again, your choice will be driven by the menu and volume.   

For menus consisting of dense dough like pizza, a spiral mixer is best. On the other hand, if you are baking light dough menus, a planetary mixer would work well for you.

4. Food processors

Food processors are the most versatile of Singapore’s restaurant kitchen equipment. They can perform virtually any task from shredding vegetables to processing meats and in some cases, mixing a variety of dough. 

Here’s a tip – choose a food processor with a stainless steel mixing bowl. It is studier and can handle a wider range of foods, plus you’ll be less worried about it being exposed to harsh cleaning and maintenance operations. 

5. Ranges

If you are planning to prepare food over an open fire, the range is a piece of mandatory equipment for your restaurant kitchen. Although there are many models, the main distinction depends on the type of fuel it uses. 

There are gas-powered ranges and electric-powered ranges, with the former being easier to adjust settings and quicker in changing temperature as compared to the latter. On the other hand, electric ranges are more visually appealing and easier to clean. 

If you include baked foods in your menu, consider ranges outfitted with convection ovens. This way, you’ll get to save on costs and space.

These five basic equipment will get your new restaurant’s kitchen up and running just about fine, but don’t forget about crockery, furniture, and essential fixtures such as sinks!

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