The Benefits And Downsides Of Buying Used Kitchen Equipment

The Benefits And Downsides Of Buying Used Kitchen Equipment

One of the most significant investments in any restaurant or catering operation is the equipment.

Commercial catering equipment in Singapore can be costly and a wrong move can direct the much-needed cash flow away from the business. If you can make the right move though, you can keep your business afloat with the optimum equipment.

With cost savings in mind, many entrepreneurs in the food industry often wonder whether to purchase used or new equipment. To help you come to a better-informed decision, here are the benefits and pitfalls of buying used kitchen equipment: 

The benefits

1. Possess the ability to afford more

Used kitchen equipment is definitely gentler on the wallet, so buying second-hand ones allows you to stretch your budget and purchase not just more equipment, but also more advanced models that you couldn’t have otherwise afforded. Otherwise, you can also choose to channel this cash to other activities such as marketing and purchasing other supplies. 

2. More room to negotiate a deal

Many of Singapore’s kitchen equipment suppliers who deal in used equipment are more flexible when it comes to negotiating the price and terms of sale for used products. It is highly likely that you will not just get a good deal on the price, but also snag complimentary parts or other used appliances as a bonus add-on. 

3. Do your part for the environment 

For entrepreneurs who wish to go green and minimise the damage that their business might make to the environment, purchasing used restaurant kitchen equipment in Singapore is a great way to recycle and up-cycle what would otherwise be considered waste. 

The downsides

The Benefits And Downsides Of Buying Used Kitchen Equipment

1. Expensive in the long run

Undeniably, used kitchen equipment have shorter lifespans and are less efficient than their brand new counterparts. If you happen to purchase a faulty piece of equipment, it is likely to breakdown more frequently in the future and may cost a lot more in maintenance in the long-run. 

Worse still, used equipment can drive your utility bills through the roof because they cost more to insure and have a higher risk of posing health and safety issues. 

2. Lack warranties

Unlike new equipment which comes with a manufacturers guarantee and service warranties, few of Singapore’s kitchen equipment suppliers offer any kind of after-sales service on used equipment. This means that you will have to deal with the repairs and breakdowns by yourself with little or no support. 

3. Fewer options

Unlike new equipment that comes in a variety of models and capacities, buyers of used equipment will face a much more limited choice selection. Oftentimes, you might already have a specific model or size in mind before going shopping, but you will have to be prepared to go home empty-handed occasionally. 

At the end of the day, both new and used kitchen equipment has its own pros and cons. If you have already looked through the list of advantages and disadvantages for both equipment types but still can’t seem to figure out which one to go for, talk to your preferred kitchen equipment supplier to make an informed choice. They’ll know what is best for you depending on the state of your kitchen and equipment.

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