The Right Way To Buying Commercial Ranges In Singapore For Restaurants

The Right Way To Buying Commercial Ranges In Singapore For Restaurants

Undoubtedly, one of the most versatile restaurant cooking equipment in Singapore is the commercial range. As its name ‘range’ states, with it, you can perform nearly all cooking operations in your commercial kitchen. From frying to boiling, braising to simmering, and grilling to even baking.

Whether you are looking to purchase one for your new establishment or considering to replace one at your restaurant, here are tips that’ll help you find exactly what you want:

Know what grade you want

Before you start sifting through the grades, you should first ensure that anything you check out at your favourite kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore is a commercial grade range.

The reason is simple. Commercial grade restaurant cooking appliances are made to be more robust and durable than domestic grade equipment.

Having said that, you can further split the commercial grade ranges into either restaurant ranges and heavy-duty ranges.  Restaurant ranges are designed to be easy to use in medium-sized commercial operations and are fairly durable. On the other hand, heavy-duty ranges are designed for high-capacity operations and as the name implies, they are more durable and have more features and options as compared to the restaurant ranges.

If you’re still unsure, a chat with your preferred restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore will give you a better perspective of what is fitting for your operations.

Know what size is best
The Right Way To Buying Commercial Ranges In Singapore For Restaurants

Like any other commercial kitchen supplies in Singapore, size is a vital aspect.

Consider the following when deciding on a suitable size for your commercial range:

The size and layout of the kitchen - the range must be able to fit without obstructing pathways or interfering with workflow
Your hood space should be at least six inches broader than the range 
The variety of your menu will determine the ratio of burners to barbecue space and other aspects

Consider the output

Once you’ve considered the grade and the size, think about the power output. That is the kilowatt per hour rating on the equipment. 

Higher output equipment will result in hotter temperatures and shorter “heat-up time.” However, your utility bill will also go up. For lower output ranges, vice versa. 

The Right Way To Buying Commercial Ranges In Singapore For Restaurants

Your menu and operations can help you suss out a suitable output. If you are boiling heavy oils, cooking for a long serving time (like a fast food restaurant where you serve throughout the day) or have a large variety of foods, a high output range is more suitable. On the other hand, if you are using it for specific parts of the day for frying, simmering, or steaming, a low output range is more suitable.

The brand of the range

Regardless of whatever equipment you are buying for your restaurant, you should always make sure to get high-quality equipment that is tested and efficient. After all, there is a reason why reputable brands have a good following - they have consistently served the market and know how to meet your needs.

Have a chat with your favourite kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore and then zero in on a particular brand.

Get a good supplier

When purchasing a commercial range in Singapore, the kitchen equipment supplier is just as important as all the aspects mentioned above.

A good supplier will walk with you through the journey and help you consider the grade, size, output, and brand. Moreover, you can get additional benefits such as delivery and installation as well as service guarantees and financing options.

Purchasing commercial ranges for your restaurant should never be rushed. In fact, keep in mind these few tips when you are planning to do so. It will help to set you on the right path and buy the most suitable ones for your business.

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