A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cold Beverage Dispenser

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cold Beverage Dispenser

Warm weather in Singapore is nothing out of the ordinary, and presenting a list of cold beverages on your menu is perfect for welcoming guests into the restaurant with. In delivering these delicious and cooling drinks, one would require a trusted cold beverage dispenser. That said, equipment suppliers in Singapore do provide a variety of options to choose from. But how exactly should one go about choosing the ideal cold beverage dispenser? We find out.

Appearance Matters

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cold Beverage Dispenser


Cold beverage dispensers are often placed within the range of sight, to appeal to potential and present diners. As such, it’s important to select an aesthetically pleasing dispenser that best presents your beverage. Don’t be afraid to consult the opinions of restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore when beverage dispenser shopping!

Cleanliness Is Key

As with all kitchen equipment, ensuring the cleanliness of your newly bought dispenser is important. A tip is to opt for dispensers with low maintenance and are easy to clean. So be sure to have the supplier explain the cleaning procedures and better yet, demonstrate them!

Easy Operation

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cold Beverage Dispenser

The best type of beverage dispensers are the ones that require minimal fuss. Not only can they ensure quick service, customers can also easily operate the dispensers and enhance their dining experience. Make sure your supplier shows you exactly how to operate the dispenser, with a two-step operation procedure being the maximum. 

Beverage Consistency

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cold Beverage Dispenser

Different dispensers have different methods of mixing the contents. There are classic bubblers while others rely on stirrers to keep the contents mixed and at the right consistency. However, choosing the right juice dispenser depends on the type of juice that you predominantly serve and its properties. 

More viscous fruit juices such as mango or papaya drinks work better with a stirring paddle juice dispenser, whereas low viscosity juices such as passion fruit, orange juice and other pre-mixed beverages work better with the classic bubblers. These also help to prevent the build-up of sediments in the juice. 

Budget Planning

Naturally, expect different price points depending on the quality. It’s important to have a budget in mind and to opt for a dispenser that best suits your needs. If purchasing a dispenser is not viable, feel free to have a chat with restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore and explore rental possibilities

Adding a cold beverage dispenser to your list of restaurant equipment is one more step towards having an all-rounded establishment. By following these tips, you can be sure to pick out the perfect one for your restaurant.

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