Give Your Business an Extra Boost with The Right Equipment

Give Your Business an Extra Boost with The Right Equipment

Running a restaurant and catering business in Singapore is no easy feat. Sometimes, entrepreneurs may have to take on the role of professional chefs and business managers. Moreover, there’s always the challenging task of striking the balance between optimising costs and producing quality food. 

Many customers have a taste for farm-to-table food which is usually labour and resource intensive, and by extension, costly. Therefore, making the decision of purchasing more equipment for your restaurant can often be a difficult decision for restaurant owners. Nonetheless, studies have shown that equipping your team with the right skills and catering equipment in Singapore will boost your business rather than damage it. Here’re some ways commercial kitchen equipment can really help your business!

Reducing Labour Costs

Give Your Business an Extra Boost with The Right Equipment

While handmade bread is preferred, mixing and kneading ingredients for hours on end isn’t required, where a basic dough kneading machine can save you time, effort and cost. All you have to do is to get in touch with your favourite restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore and rent/purchase one.

The same can be applied to other tasks in the kitchen.  For instance, a food mixer can be used to shred the greens while a dish-washing machine can be utilised to keep the plates clean. These appliances will allow the team to focus on more important tasks and improve overall work productivity.

Hastening the Service Time

Give Your Business an Extra Boost with The Right Equipment

Some equipment can help to put the dishes on the table relatively quickly. It might take you a long time to warm different ingredients on a stove, but a commercial grade microwave can warm the dish in a matter of seconds, allowing you to save on the waiting time of your customers. Shorter waiting times often lead to more satisfied customers, leading to better business.

Keeping Organised

The thought of trying to locate items, whether they are food or appliances, in a kitchen without order is unfathomable. Not only is it frustrating, it is also time-consuming. Avoid this with the help of kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore and equip your kitchen with handy dry storage shelves, walk-in refrigerators and prep tables to keep you organised and in turn, increase work efficiency. 

Increasing Hygiene and Safety Levels

Restaurants and caterers in Singapore have to adhere to very strict codes of hygiene and safety. Modern commercial kitchen equipment such as prep tables can keep you organise and better observe hygiene in the kitchen. On the other hand, self-cleaning fryers help to get rid of excess oils and accumulated dirt (which could take hours for a person to do) among others.
Other equipment such as dishwashing gloves, anti-slip shoes, and slip-resistant mats help to enhance staff safety, reducing the risk of injury thus loss of reputation and staff motivation.

Improved Image

Give Your Business an Extra Boost with The Right Equipment

Restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore often encourage the purchasing of aesthetic and quality food serving dishes and crockery, along with other food presentation equipment, and for a good reason as these culinary ware are the perfect tools to impress diners with.

With the right equipment in your restaurant or catering business, you can definitely improve your business.

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