Handle Catering Tasks Like a Professional with These Tips

Handle Catering Tasks Like a Professional with These Tips

While there are countless resources (websites, magazines and TV shows) that provide as a guide to being a successful caterer, there are ways to stand out amongst the crowd as a professional foodpreneur. From ingredient storing to potato peeling, here’re some tips that’ll help you master the tasks in the kitchen.

Easy Peasy Potato Peel-y

Handle Catering Tasks Like a Professional with These Tips

One of the tasks that are time-consuming and yet, restaurant owners must contend with, is peeling potatoes. Potatoes are an essential aspect of many dishes and are excellent as side dishes like mashed potatoes, potato wedges and french fries. Needless to say, picking up the pace and minimising the time taken to peel your potatoes will be beneficial for your company.

Not to say that you need to become a potato peeling ninja to keep up with the demand, but you need to be smart about it. Talk to your favourite commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore about how you can acquire a good quality potato peeling machine to give you a hand.

Oil and Vinegar Mister 

Handle Catering Tasks Like a Professional with These Tips

When preparing salads, oil and vinegar is an excellent combination. However, you can easily tell who the professionals are when you taste your salad.

You don’t need a lot of chef experience to create the perfect balance, and a cooking hack is to check out the catalogues of restaurant cooking equipment supplies in Singapore for an Oil and Vinegar Mister. It’s not expensive, doesn’t take up much storage and most importantly, gives you the perfect balance of oil and vinegar, resulting in excellent flavours.

Processing Ingredients

Handle Catering Tasks Like a Professional with These Tips

A food processor is a must-have in any kitchen, whether domestic or commercial. Apart from the obvious functions of shredding a chopping, food processors have other functions. Top chefs in Singapore use food processors to grind meat, make dough, grind peanuts and grains, and last but not least, to make the perfect soups. So go ahead and check out the varieties of food processors that commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore offer and invest in one!

Food Storage

Don’t just keep all your items together in plastic containers – have a separate dry goods dispenser as plastic containers are not always airtight and can allow moisture to enter, which results in you having stale food. Investing in a dry goods dispenser can help you keep your food items fresh for a longer period of time.

Carrying and Transportation

Handle Catering Tasks Like a Professional with These Tips

When managing a catering business, you will need to be able to transport the food in a safe manner and in compliance with the food safety regulations. You will also need to preserve the quality and flavour of the food for longer than usual. Getting a smart lock, stainless steel food carrier will put your catering woes to rest. Consult the top restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore for advice on what would best suit your operations.

These tips may sound simple but they make all the difference when it comes to catering food of consistent quality. They can help transform your food processing and operation skills from that of an amateur to that of an expert in no time!

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