A Restaurateur's Guide to Food Processors

A Restaurateur's Guide to Food Processors

A piece of essential equipment in the kitchen, the food processor can be found in varying models and sizes. Despite its functionality, not many are aware of its versatility and its functions beyond what commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore will recommend. More than just chopping, grating and shredding, find out what else your food processor can really do for you and the business! 

Sauces And Soups 

A Restaurateur's Guide to Food Processors

Food processors are known for their excellent ability to chop and shred vegetables. Newer models however, are able to mix these chopped ingredients into sauces. The vigorous movement pulverises the vegetables and other ingredients, emulsifying them into puree. Some models of food processors are also able to generate enough heat to cook the ingredients and produce hot soups!

Rise and Grind

While the chopping action of a food processor does not produce as fine results as a blender or an actual food mill, it is still sufficient enough to grind ingredients such as peanuts to make peanut butter. Alternatively, nuts can be ground into small enough pieces to be used in other applications such as baking.

On the topic of baking, your food processor can be a good replacement for sifters when making pastries. It does an excellent job in aerating the flour and combining it with salt, baking soda, and other ingredients. What’s more, you can check with your favourite commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore for newer models; which you can use to make flour from dried grains such as oats and wheat.

The Perfect Dough

A Restaurateur's Guide to Food Processors

When it comes to pastries, the trick lies mostly in the dough. Most recipes emphasise on the dough kneading process, whether it’s by hand or using a standard mixer. However, this may expose the dough to too much air which may result in sub-par products.

Try using your food processor to simply combine your ingredients and pulse for a little under a minute. The processor’s blades will flash knead the ingredients while reducing exposure to air, producing top quality dough.

Ground It Up

A Restaurateur's Guide to Food Processors

If you’re planning to use ground meat, using a quality food processor will produce some surprisingly good results. While the food processor can’t exactly be compared to a meat grinder, it provides an interesting texture to the meat. This is especially so if you are working with fish or delicate seafood as you reduce the chances of damaging the meat when processing it into alternative forms and shapes.

Experiment a little and look up other ways you can use a food processor online and prepare to be amazed by the many uses that it offers. Don’t limit the purpose of your food processor to just chopping ingredients, use it to its full potential and transform it into one of the most essential appliances in your kitchen.

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