How-To: Designing Your Commercial Kitchen for Success

How-To: Designing Your Commercial Kitchen for Success

While it may not seem like much, the kitchen layout plays an important role in building the success of your restaurant. A well thought-out design allows for good workflow and resource conservation, allowing cost-savings and maximisation of profits.

This means that an excellent kitchen design will not only help you cut down on operational costs, it will also make compliance to health and safety codes easy. A well-designed kitchen can improve the bottom line of the business. Here are some things to consider to design your kitchen for success.

Consulting the Professionals

How-To: Designing Your Commercial Kitchen for Success

The design for your kitchen is an integral part of the restaurant, but many restaurant owners often confess that they hardly considered it in the nascent stages of the business planning. So if you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, do think about the kitchen layout and ask people who can give crucial advice and enrich your ideas on the restaurant and kitchen design.

Most importantly, ask your chef as they will know all manner of things regarding the menu and the process of preparing everything there. This means they can give you excellent advice on the layout to maximise efficient workflow. They also are very likely to know the kinds of catering equipment in Singapore that’s best suited for your business and can direct you to the best commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore to fit your business operations.

Plan Ergonomically 

A ergonomically designed kitchen minimises movement of kitchen staff as they work in the kitchen. This simultaneously saves time during meal preparation and reduces the occurrence of spills and chances of accidents in the kitchen. You will also be thankful for the way an ergonomically designed kitchen allows for proper lighting and good posture for your staff, reducing work-related strains and health complications.

Ensure Energy Efficiency

How-To: Designing Your Commercial Kitchen for Success

Green kitchens are the buzzword for modern restaurants and having one will also help you cut down on energy losses when it comes to energy utility. Speak to your favourite restaurant kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore and find out about the energy conservation qualities of the appliances you are considering buying or leasing. You should also think about the layout aspects such as putting your cookers in one location to cut down on the energy costs for range hoods.

Prioritise Ventilation

How-To: Designing Your Commercial Kitchen for Success

Health experts have found that people are more productive in a well-ventilated environment rather than a choked up and closed off space. Good ventilation enables your staff to work to the best of their abilities and keeps them healthy, so ensure that there is a free-flowing stream of fresh air in your kitchen.

Remember Cleaning and Maintenance 

Lastly, don’t forget about the cleaning of your kitchen and the maintenance of your appliances. Consider how your layout will facilitate the cleaning of your kitchen as health codes demand clean kitchens. The design should allow for easy daily cleaning and hassle-free spring cleaning every month.

On that note, most commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore provide products with warranties and your catering equipment will last longer when it is regularly serviced and properly maintained. However, this can only be achieved if the service crew can easily access the equipment and carry out the servicing with minimal obstruction.

All things considered, much of your kitchen and by extension, restaurant’s productivity and efficiency hinges on how good your kitchen layout is. So do put careful thought into planning and designing your kitchen as this will go a long way in ensuring that you have a successful commercial kitchen.

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