4 Tips for Commercial Kitchen Digitisation

4 Tips for Commercial Kitchen Digitisation

While nothing can replace the human touch, digitising the commercial kitchen is likely to reap more benefits and increase efficiency while reducing the duties of the restaurant and kitchen staff members.  As such, here are 4 possible ways to digitise your commercial kitchen!

Smart Appliances

4 Tips for Commercial Kitchen Digitisation

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With technological advancements, kitchen equipment available these days come equipped with smart features that offer a better experience for its user and the business. For example, fryers can be programmed to replace oil and smart refrigerators posses a monitoring system to warn users of potential malfunctions.

These smart appliances not only lessen the duties of kitchen employees but also allows for better monitoring of the equipment's state such as identifying and troubleshooting malfunctions in its initial stages.

Digital Inventory

4 Tips for Commercial Kitchen Digitisation

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Running a commercial kitchen often involves a complex and extensive inventory. With a digital inventory, keeping track of the list of ingredients needed and logistics of running a commercial kitchen is considerably smoother. This also gives anyone with access to the list a detailed overview of the kitchen’s requirements.

In addition, with the right application and/or equipment, kitchen managers and staff can be alerted when the stock is running low.  This encourages efficient planning as well. Suppliers in Singapore such as Hashmicro offers such systems for restaurants and/or catering businesses to utilise.

Recipe Management

A fairly new development, the recipe management system is similar to a digital inventory but catered to recipes. This system allows chefs or managers to input the steps, ingredients and plating instructions of each dish.

Certain systems even allow for the recipes to be supplemented with nutritional information, unit conversion as well as a guide on sizing the recipe for varying number of guests from a party of two to a banquet.

This system is particularly beneficial for establishments with outlets spread across the globe or nation to ensure consistency in meal preparation and presentation.

Digital Ordering System

4 Tips for Commercial Kitchen Digitisation

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Taking the form of kiosks or the tablet, this smart ordering system can be seen in several establishments. This system not only speeds up the transmission of order requests to the kitchen, but it also includes other benefits such as a minimum order error, customisation and allows employees to focus on preparing the meals instead of dividing their attention and time. At the same time, because of the instantaneous speed of the order reaching the kitchen, the waiting time may be reduced, improving customer experience.

As these smart equipment are fairly new in the industry, sourcing for them amongst Singapore kitchen equipment suppliers may not be an easy task. However, keep your ear to the ground and you may just be the first to snag these smart commercial kitchen supplies!

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