Kitchen Prep: 5 Essential Equipment for Restaurants

Kitchen Prep: 5 Essential Equipment for Restaurants

Opening a new restaurant can be stressful and overwhelming, particularly so for first-timers. The list of to-dos seems never-ending, especially so when it comes to purchasing kitchen equipment. 

It’s important to ensure that your kitchen is equipped the apt and necessary appliances and is organised to provide the kitchen staff with a non-disruptive workflow. While every commercial kitchen has its individual needs, there are certain appliances that every commercial kitchen should have like these five.

Freezer and Refrigerators

Freezers and refrigerators are staples for eateries. These handy coolers prevent your food from going stale, spoiling or melting. Most importantly, they keep the necessary ingredients and/or dishes in their optimal state.

There are several types of refrigerators that are catered to the different needs and sizes of restaurants. Before reaching out to Singapore kitchen suppliers, it’s recommended to do some research on these coolers, to find out which works best for your restaurant. Some examples of refrigerators include the usual reach-in refrigerators to prep refrigerators which come equipped with counter-tops.

Commercial Grills/Griddles 

Kitchen Prep: 5 Essential Equipment for Restaurants


Grills and/or griddles are some of the more important appliances in the kitchen. Known for their versatility, these appliances allows for the preparation of several food items at once and adding to your establishment’s efficiency.

Grills and/or griddles are most suitable for dishes like burgers, steaks and pancakes, to name a few. As with refrigerators, there are several types of grills and/or griddles to pick from such as charbroilers and electric griddles. However, do note that these appliances can get a little bulky.


Kitchen Prep: 5 Essential Equipment for Restaurants

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Ovens are next on the list of most important appliances of a commercial kitchen. As with grills and griddles, ovens can accommodate a variety of food from cooking, heating and baking it. To get the most out of your oven, consider those with multiple settings to enable you to prepare food well.

There are two types of oven, conventional and convection. These settings determine how the hot air is distributed in the oven and may affect the way the food is being cooked and the time it takes. While both have their sets of pros and cons, remember to pick the one that best caters to the menu.

Ice Machines 

Kitchen Prep: 5 Essential Equipment for Restaurants

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Unless your restaurant is missing a beverage menu, ice machines are a must. These machines are constantly making ice, a major convenience for your staff members, especially if slushies are on the menu.

There are several variations of ice machines such as air-cooled ice machines or under-counter ice machines which may often work best for bars and/or fast-food counters that serve drinks like sodas.

Grease Traps 

Kitchen Prep: 5 Essential Equipment for Restaurants

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In the kitchen, it’s almost impossible to prevent the occurrence of grease or leftovers that often enter your sink during cleanup. However, if you didn’t already know, when grease or chunks of leftovers enter your plumbing system, it often results in severe damage and expensive repairs.

To protect your plumbing system and save yourself from constantly spending on repairs, equip the various sinks and dishwashers with grease traps. These traps are designed to act as filters and prevent grease and food particles from entering and ruining the pipes.

These are only some of the few essentials that most commercials kitchens require, regardless of the menu they are offering. However, when equipping your commercial kitchen, do remember to keep the individual needs and/or special equipment that your restaurant needs in mind as well.

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