Crucial Kitchen Supplies for all Restaurateurs

Crucial Kitchen Supplies for all Restaurateurs

Anyone who is opening their own restaurant needs various essential supplies for the kitchen. While different equipment may be required, there are some crucial kitchen supplies that cannot be missed. Read on to find out more!


A cookware set is one of the essential supplies a restaurateur needs in a commercial kitchen. It’s advisable to purchase a complete set of cookware as a more cost-efficient option, as opposed to procuring individual pieces. Do also keep a lookout for the quality of the cookware and if possible, make stainless steel the main feature of your supplies.


Crucial Kitchen Supplies for all Restaurateurs

Needless to say, knives are a fundamental to any kitchen. There are different types of knives, each of them designed for different functions. Similarly, these knives can be purchased in complete sets. Just be sure to choose your kitchen knives from well-known kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore to ensure their quality.

Chopping Boards

Crucial Kitchen Supplies for all Restaurateurs

Contrary to what majority may think, there are various types of chopping boards that available in the market – ranging from different sizes to materials. Before making your purchase, do bear in mind to opt for a chopping board that is made of relatively more durable material, to ensure its lifespan in the kitchen.

Measuring Instruments

Essential to food preparation, measuring instruments are often long and slender in appearance, allowing them to reach into jars when needed. Measuring spoons give you an easier time of measuring baking ingredients and are often paired with measuring cups. Do ensure that the measuring cup that you purchase can measure liquids accurately down to the millilitre for increased precision. 


Crucial Kitchen Supplies for all Restaurateurs

From apples to potatoes, a good peeler will is capable leaving your produce peeled without incurring much wastage. As its blade may dull quickly (especially with heavy use), be prepared to replace this essential equipment once every few weeks.

Mesh Sieves

A fine mesh sieve will come in handy – whether it’s blanching vegetables or scooping out pasta. However, do look out for the particle size of the mesh and opt for the one that best suits your needs. For instance, sieving of flour would require a sieve with a smaller particle size, while the blanching of vegetables would not require a sieve with a specific particle size.

Baking Trays

Crucial Kitchen Supplies for all Restaurateurs

When choosing a baking tray, it’s important to consider the basic shapes and sizes that will assist you in meeting your menu and customers’ needs.

With this checklist, you should more or less have the basic essentials that everyone starting a commercial kitchen requires. Consider your menu and other things that you may need so that you are completely prepared to work in your kitchen.

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