Commercial Catering Equipment: Cost VS. Quality

Commercial Catering Equipment: Cost VS. Quality

When purchasing commercial catering equipment for your restaurant, it’s important to have ones that can meet your business’s needs and go the distance. From the blender to the ovens, every equipment plays a role in ensuring a successful commercial kitchen.

However, quality equipment often comes at a hefty price tag. For restaurateurs on a tighter budget, here’s a guide to striking a balance between cost and quality when purchasing your catering equipment.

Food Processing, Preparation and Storage Equipment

Commercial Catering Equipment: Cost VS. Quality

Food preparation makes the core of restaurant or catering businesses. Therefore, your food preparation equipment needs to be reliable and capable of processing your dishes consistently while maintaining their quality.

For instance, when purchasing an oven or a microwave, consider the required output as an important aspect of the kind of quality you are getting. The same goes for other commercial catering equipment such as coolers and refrigerators. Their capacities and reliability are crucial to the profitability of your establishment.

Commercial Catering Equipment: Cost VS. Quality

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to throw away food that has gone bad because the refrigerator that you got at a “great deal” malfunctioned overnight or having to remove baked items from your menu because the bargain oven has broken down. Again. Therefore, it is important that you do not sacrifice quality for cost on such appliances.

Saving Cost

While purchasing second-hand commercial catering equipment in Singapore can you better keep to the budget, it’s essential to know the types of equipment you can compromise on.

Commercial Catering Equipment: Cost VS. Quality

For instance, opt for second-hand stainless-steel food preparation table, second-hand food mixers, knives, cooking pots and serving spoons. You can also extend this practice to the front office and purchase second-hand dinnerware, crockery, and cutlery. The potential issue is that you may not get all the pieces you want or the designs that match.

Have a chat with your preferred commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore and check their websites for equipment auctions. You could possibly get a bargain of up to half the price with minimal impact on quality.


Commercial Catering Equipment: Cost VS. Quality

If you’re having a serious cash crunch, consider the option of crucial leasing equipment. Most commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore have this option – however, the costs are often high. Leasing may be a better option if you aren’t a startup and have been in the catering business for a while at least so that you know what to look out for in leasing contracts.

All in all, while restaurant equipment may seem costly, it’s important to avoid compromising on quality.

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