5 Ways to Optimise Kitchen Efficiency

5 Ways to Optimise Kitchen Efficiency

A well-equipped and efficient kitchen is vital to your business' success and productivity. However, ensuring an efficient kitchen is more than just hiring the right staff. From equipment size and placement to workflow and staff safety, there are several aspects to take into consideration when designing the layout of your kitchen. To facilitate the process, here are 5 steps to help you plan for an optimise your kitchen's efficiency.

Purchase Fitting Equipment

It is natural to be attracted to equipment with lower price tags. As tempting as it seems, these commercial cooking equipment may not the ideal choice for a professional kitchen.

Instead, it is advisable to invest in heavy-duty equipment that is capable of meeting the needs of your kitchen. This benefits the efficiency and productivity of the kitchen as there will be lesser need for maintenance.

Equipment Size and Kitchen Layout

5 Ways to Optimise Kitchen Efficiency

The layout of the kitchen, as well as the equipment size, plays a critical role in the kitchen's efficiency. With larger commercial catering equipment comes an increased need for installation, servicing, and utility costs. Nevertheless, you can mitigate these downsides by opting for energy efficient and quality appliances from trusted commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Singapore. At the same time, make use of cognitive ergonomics to boost your staffs’ productivity.

Maximise Storage and Working Space

Storage space in any kitchen is crucial but often scarce. If you have a small kitchen you'll have to come up with creative storage ideas. Not only do you need to ensure your items are organised and stored neatly, but you'll also need to ensure that the staff can move around with ease.

One of the first and best ways to create and improve storage space is to free up the floor space. Invest in restaurant storage equipment that aids in organising material storage and enable easy retrieval. Alternatively, you may opt to be creative and maximise vertical storage by installing hooks and shelves on the walls.

Conduct Trial Runs 

Before launching the eatery, it is essential to conduct trial runs to understand your staff's workflow. This is to ensure that they are able to work smoothly and efficiently without any major disruptions that'll slow down productivity levels. Evaluate the processes and the different processes of preparation to identify potential inefficiencies.

Spaghetti diagrams or process maps may seem untidy but they are crucial in mapping out areas where service slows down, identifying redundant processes and highlighting critical areas where a slight change would translate into increased efficiency.

Hire the Right Team

5 Ways to Optimise Kitchen Efficiency

As efficient and spacious as your kitchen is, the overall productivity and efficiency of your kitchen boil down to your staff.  The right team will ensure that they make use of every equipment and space available to be as efficient as possible. They may also suggest an improved workflow that suits them and improves efficiency.

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