The Essentials of a Small Catering Business

The Essentials of a Small Catering Business

Starting your own business is an exciting process. But before your company takes off, you’ll need to ensure the essentials are in check. When it comes to catering, it’s more than just stocking up on the necessary ingredients. Instead, you’ll also need to consider the equipment and technology needed.

Here are five essentials you'll need to nail down before kicking off your catering business.


As with every business, you’ll need to start with basics - the legalities. Every business in Singapore, or any part of the world for that matter, need to apply for a license to operate. Additionally, because of the nature of the business, you’ll need to apply for other relevant licenses such as food shop license, food hygiene license or, if applicable, the halal certificate. Once these legalities are in place, you may begin to establish the rest of your catering business and source for Singapore’s catering equipment suppliers.

Food Storage Equipment 

Regardless of the menu you're planning to offer, food storage equipment is a must. Typical equipment comprises of refrigerators, freezers, shelves, and wine racks. The amount of equipment needed is dictated by the volume of customers you expect to cater to. For example, if you’re intending to target a small group of people, a commercial-grade refrigerator and cooler will suffice.

Food Preparation Equipment 

The Essentials of a Small Catering Business

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Food preparation equipment is undoubtedly the core of your business. Because the equipment may affect your productivity and food quality, it's important that you select those that are both reliable and from a reputable brand.

Though the variety of equipment available can be overwhelming, only invest in the necessary ones. At the same time, keep your kitchen space in mind to ensure you don't crowd your workspace.

Delivery Services

Deliveries are inevitable in catering businesses. In fact, a significant portion of your business involves deliveries. This makes it vital to have a reliable and efficient delivery service. You may either invest in your personal vehicle and staff or work with a third party delivery company you trust.

However, because of the importance of timing and efficiency, it’s advisable to invest in your own. This ensures that food is always delivered efficiently and on time. At the same time, investing in a delivery service for the business enables you to train the driver to set up the food accordingly at the venue. Whereas a delivery staff from a third-party company may not offer those services and you’ll have to be on-site at all times.

Serving Equipment

The Essentials of a Small Catering Business

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Plating or food presentation is just as important as the taste. In addition to the usual tables, serving spoons, plates and cutleries, catering businesses should also invest in table decorations. Whether you choose to offer reusable or disposable plates, be sure they are pleasing to the eye. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, opt for coloured or patterned disposable plates instead of the usual plain whites.

Once again, the scale of your works will determine the volume of equipment you need. If your company is at its nascent stage and you’ve received a huge order, consider renting equipment from catering equipment suppliers in Singapore.

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