A Caterer's Checklist for Events and Parties

A Caterer's Checklist for Events and Parties

The holiday season always brings about an abundance of parties and events. While 'tis may be the season to be jolly, caterers are usually swamped, occupied with ensuring their events are carried out without a hitch.

While mistakes are inevitable, it's best to avoid them, especially during this holiday season. Avoid or prevent any mishaps from occurring during your parties with this checklist of catering essentials.

Table Settings

A Caterer's Checklist for Events and Parties

Table settings can range from the aesthetics of each table to ensuring the necessary cutleries are present. This is usually applicable for events with a sit-down meal. From the colour of the tablecloth to napkins down to the proper cutleries, every item has to be present and complementary.

The cutleries have to be relevant to the courses served. This includes a soup spoon, teaspoon and dessert spoon. However, this also depends on the formality of the occasion. Be sure to include the other essentials, depending on the menu, such as wine glasses or coffee and tea cups.

Serving Equipment

If you're catering for a buffet setting, be sure to have the necessary serving equipment on top of the usual equipment ones. From tongs to long-handled serving spoons, it is recommended to provide appropriate ones for each dish.

A Caterer's Checklist for Events and Parties

Additionally, if there are to be live stations such as grilled meat station, be sure to provide the chef or staff member with a separate knife and a designated cutting board as well as a display station for guests to access.

Include serving trays, water dispensers and bus tubs into your list of essentials as well. These will come in handy with both the serving and as a holding bay for dirty dishes.

Extra Supplies 

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, the usual catering equipment is only the tip of the iceberg. You'll also need to consider any additional items to ensure a smooth sailing event.

These items include insulated containers, cooler for drinks—if applicable—a source for hot water, water jugs and straws, to name a few. Be sure to conduct a rundown of supplies needed before heading down to the event. If you're running low on these items, remember to stock up in advance from the catering equipment suppliers in Singapore.


Hygiene should always be of utmost importance at any event. From trash bags and gloves to hairnets and hand sanitisers, you should prepare the hygiene essentials for every event.

A Caterer's Checklist for Events and Parties

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Provide a wastebasket for guests to place their trash and a separate one for staff to store dirty linen. This also ensures an efficient event tear down. If servers are in place, ensure that they adhere to the hygiene guidelines while they serve and ensure every staff member keeps a careful eye on the food, especially in an outdoor buffet setting.

On a separate note, be sure to carry extra supplies and equipment for your events. In these settings, accidents tend to be inevitable and it's always best to have a plan B.

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