Wok The Talk: 8 Must-Have Kitchen Equipment For All Restaurants

Wok The Talk: 8 Must-Have Kitchen Equipment For All Restaurants

It’s been a long wait, but you are finally the owner of your very own professional kitchen. The next step will be setting up your dream workplace. Before you decide on the equipment to purchase, we recommend plenty of research and careful planning. How big is your kitchen? What type of equipment do you need?

If you’re just starting out, do consider discussing the below equipment with your restaurant equipment supplier in Singapore. If your kitchen is already up and running, we suggest thinking of equipment that is essential for your workspace.

Refrigerators and freezers are essential for any commercial kitchen. You will need a place to provide storage for cold food items, prevent them from perishing quickly and to preserve freshness.
Have a chat with several restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore to familiarise yourself with the different types of commercial grade freezers and how their designs can cater to your needs.

Food preparation counters are another must-have. While the counters and cutting surfaces may vary, most restaurant kitchen equipment suppliers will advise counters with stainless steel surfaces – trust us, their ability to withstand abrasion and harsh cleaning solutions will come in useful.

Electric slicers for cutting meat or other ingredients such as cheese with speed and precision are necessary, especially when there is a high volume of foods. If that’s not the case, it is advisable to go with manual slicers. Most suppliers will offer electric slicers with an automatic mode that can minimise labour costs and time.

Running a bakery? Then mixers will have to be your next best friend. Choose a mixer based on the anticipated volume and the frequency of operation. Spiral mixers are best for mixing ingredients such as dough for pizza. Planetary mixers can do just about anything, without specialising in any type of dough.

Food Processors come in a variety of functionality. Do explain your needs to the equipment supplier in order to purchase one that is best suited for your business. For large-scale operations, do consider a heavy-duty combination processor to handle all tasks.

Sinks are a vital part of any Singapore restaurant equipment. Make sure they are sturdy and are always clean. Do also ensure that your choice of sink conforms to the health and safety standards.

Shelves are often left out as a vital component to any kitchen. Not only do they help to streamline kitchen movement, operations and storage, these additions can make the kitchen look great!

Finally, safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, and sanitation equipment are the ultimate must-haves in your commercial kitchen. Make sure you adhere to the code set by Singapore Civil Defence force when sourcing for stuff and you receive the appropriate certification.

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