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Post Date: 2016-02-25

This year, come May 5th to 7th, Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition SIAL CHINA 2016 will once again welcome 2,900 exhibitors and 66,000 professional visitors with 126,000 sqm in Shanghai.

Poland, gearing towards becoming the major food supplier not only for Europe but also other Asian markets, will join SIAL CHINA 2016 as the Guest Country of Honour, bringing Polish apple, pork, cheese and other specialties. South Korea comes in above all the other national pavilions with the largest exhibitor space, and will showcase their stylish and healthy K-food. USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Argentina, Poland, Spain, France, Australia and Brazil follow closely behind

SIAL CHINA is also pleased to announce that 2016's show will be Dubai's debut.

Better Understanding the Chinese Market
Successfully rooted in China for the past 16 editions, SIAL CHINA will once again offer the opportunity for professionals to closely observe the evolving food markets in China. The Gansu provincial pavilion will come as the Guest Province of Honor this year and features with wines, Halal foods, aquatic products as well as other organic foods.

Diverse Food in 21 product sectors
SIAL CHINA 2016 will once again present diverse food and beverage in 21 product sectors. Ranging
from well-packed snacks to fruits and vegetables, from healthy and organic food to gourmet, the latest trends in the global food industry can be all discovered in the FOOD SECTOR.

Spanish leading jam manufacturer Helios will join SIAL CHINA for the first time, ringing jams, vegetable preserves and much more to all Asian buyers. Ceremony Gida, a leading Turkish group will present their strip gum, and Super Group from Singapore will showcase their iconic Southeast Asian coffee. Tetra Pak will once again return with its undying dedication to retaining food freshness for the Asian food and beverage market, and Australia Organic will bring a "greener lifestyle" into Chinese diet once again.

With 2 dedicated halls (E3 & E4) totalling 25,000 sqm in size, the Meat sector will preoccupy the most space of all the sectors in SIAL CHINA 2016. Latin America continues to be more and more represented, with a larger inclusion from the Brazilian meat exporters (growth from the Brazilian Beef Association ABIEC and presence of the ABPA, the Brazilian association promoting pork and poultry).

European meat representation is also growing, with national pavilions from Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. American beef, Australian mutton, Chinese pork, Indian poultry and other meat from all over the world will converge at this sector.

2016 will also see the first ever independent DAIRY zone (W2) in SIAL CHINA history. Belgium and Germany will showcase their well reputed cheese and milk products in this zone. For instance, GEFA from Germany will return with a series of dairy products ranging from regular whole milk and buttermilk to yoghurt, quark, cheese, butter and whey. Lituania will bring its green dairy products and traditions of family farming which have been handed down from generation to generation. Many other key international companies will participate with the domestic manufacturers together.

The WINE zone (W5), returning with a fresh look, will now incorporate quality wines from both China and overseas. South Africa will be present with a pavilion presenting wines from New World whereas Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and other Traditional European wine regions will continue to tantalize visitors' taste buds. CHATEAU DARMAGNAC, STIC WINES, VINA MARIA and other European wineries come all the way to present the unique European terroir. Meanwhile Gansu wines will also showcase the refreshing tastes from Chinese wine regions.

SIAL CHINA 2016 in May is the best platform to source your food which distinguishes SIAL CHINA as the largest food innovation exhibition in Asia. Enjoy FREE visitor pre-registration system is now open! 

Looking for some inspiration? Visit SIAL CHINA, 5th - 7th May, 2016, Shanghai. For more information, visit

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