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Post Date: 2015-06-04

Caption: The Epson TM-P20. Image courtesy of Epson Singapore


Epson recently announced the introduction of a new Intelligent Business Solution designed for easy integration and optimisation – The Epson TM-i Intelligent Series Printers. Built to be scalable so as to suit the needs of businesses of any size, the TM-I Intelligent Series provides a variety of intelligent functions delivered by a compact, space-saving printer in the form of models TM-T82II-i, TM-T70-i, TM-T88V-I and TM-T88V-DT.


Said Ng Ngee Khiang, General Manager of Business Systems Division at Epson: “The new offerings include a range of innovative technologies, including wireless connectivity to reduce wait times at every step of the process, leading to smoother work flow, streamlined operations and improved productivity for our service industry customers.”


With built-in cloud and web capabilities, users no longer need to deal with the hassle of installing drivers or buying peripherals with specific language settings. The in-built intelligence offers easy integration with various devices, enabling recognition and operability through in-built control script for scanners or keyboards – hence enabling the effective handling of “push printing,” while giving users control over the slave printers and peripherals. This also presents a scalable ability that allows users to add or remove more smart devices, regardless of which operating system they are utilising.


The TM-i Intelligent Series is not only designed with a small footprint, but also come with a maximum print speed of up to 300mm/sec. Its smart functions remove the need for an external CPU, while the connectivity capabilities allow for wireless mobility, tapping on smart devices to conduct operations and removing cumbersome and messy cable set-ups.

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