Technology should always be geared towards the customer

Post Date: 2016-01-27

Technology has become ubiquitous in the hospitality and F&B sectors. From online platforms that allow customers to easily book a room or reserve a table, to physical devices and equipment that create a seamless and enjoyable customer experience, technology has enabled the industry to offer value-added services, as well as optimise their processes and operations.


Mr. Matteo Bartolini, Export Area Manager of Indel B, returning exhibitor at the HospitalityTechnology exhibition at FHA2016 (Food&HotelAsia2016) believes that understanding the consumers’ needs is the key to technology implementation in hospitality and F&B. 


“Technology in the Hospitality and F&B sectors should be used for making guests’ life easier, before and over the stay. For instance, by making bookings easier and faster, or by making available room appliances that perform better. The downside is that overdoing with technology can make things more complicated, such as when guests find in their bill, beverages that they have not consumed. This is annoying for the customer,“ says Mr. Bartolini in a recent chat with FHA2016.


Impact of technology on consumer experience

The point is not technology itself, but instead on how technology is perceived by the customer. I can tell that at the beginning, it is quite hard to make people understand the benefits of a technological improvement, but then, once the advantages are understood, it becomes easier. From my experience, if people are persuaded a technology is beneficial, they are willing to spend a bit more money, since they are looking at the bigger picture and see the advantages in the mid and long terms that innovative technology grants. At Indel B, we offer products with unique and innovative features – this improves our position in the market.


Technology nowadays progresses extremely quickly. Appliances that we buy today are obsolete in a month’s time. Like I said, the focus should always be guests. Technology should enhance their experience be it in a restaurant or in a hotel. Rapid changes might make them uncomfortable and might lead them to make a different choice as they plan the next trip or reserve the next table.


Revolutionary designs and intuitive solutions for cleaner environment

We mainly focus on our products’ performances. We have the least power consuming minibars currently available on the market. We have taken thinking outside of the box to the next level, we think as there is no box! The fun part of this is that guests don’t even notice the change. They have their beverages at the perfect temperature, and in the meantime they are contributing to emit less CO2 in the atmosphere, they are helping to respect the strictest laws about power consumption limits and eventually, they will enjoy a less polluted environment.



Participation in FHA2016  - Testament to the importance of Asian market

We have participated in FHA for the last 20 years. Asia is a crucial market to us. We will showcase our ranges of minibars, safe boxes and door locks. We will also launch our new products such as the FLYINGBAR, a wall-mount minibar that is now the cutting edge of both technology and design in the minibars market.


Apart from using top notch components, we are using a technology that lets our minibars “perceive” when the guest is inside the room. So basically when guests are inside the room the compressor doesn’t work. This grants silence and a dramatic reduction in power consumption.


Business growth – what and where next?

There is a lot going on. We are already selling pretty much all over the world but we are still trying to cover those areas where our presence is not as strong as we would like it to be. Our R&D department is the busiest in the company. New products are continuously presented and new technologies discussed. Since we manufacture many kinds of refrigerators, not just Hotel Minibars, we are able to use technologies that had been conceived for other fields. For instance, our compressor minibars are equipped with a eutectic plate which was originally made for marine refrigerators.


Asia is always a place where many technological improvements of our products have been triggered.  This brings us back to why we take part in FHA, as the event has always been not only a great platform to get new customers, but also a great place for benchmarking and to better understand what customers really need.


Showcase of technology at FHA

The HospitalityTechnology exhibition, a sellout since June 2015, has surpassed its borders at FHA2016 to meet demands for booth space from companies serving the hospitality sector. Besides Indel B, companies such as Bartech Automatic Systems, EPoint Systems, Epson Singapore, Ubiq Global Solutions, Quicklabel Systems and many more have confirmed their participation.


Asia’s largest international food and hospitality trade exhibition and conference, FHA is a high quality platform for trade attendees to network and share their knowledge. The event offers a holistic experience with activities and an extensive conference held alongside the exhibition. FHA2016 is co-located with ProWine ASIA 2016, the newest ProWein satellite event for Southeast Asia.

Events at a glance:

FHA2016 (Food&HotelAsia2016)


Bakery&Pastry, FoodAsia, HotelAsia, HospitalityStyleAsia, HospitalityTechnology and SpecialityCoffee&Tea

(co-located with ProWine Asia 2016)


12 – 15 April 2016 (Tuesday – Friday)


Singapore Expo, Hall 1 – 9 Annex

Opening Hours:

10am – 6pm (12 – 14 April 2016, Tuesday – Thursday)

10am – 4pm (15 April 2016, Friday)


Business and trade professionals


In the December 2015 Issue of HOST Magazine, it was incorrectly reported that Mr Harbans Singh, founder of UbiQ and an exhibitor at HospitalityTechnology2016 at FHA2016, would be giving a talk on technological trends in Asia at FHA2016. He will 
instead be presenting on “Shaping the guest experience acquisition and retention” at the FHA2016 International Conference.

The HOST Magazine Editorial Team sincerely apologizes for this error.

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