G.R.O.W.ing to Greater Heights

Post Date: 2014-08-15

The G.R.O.W. (Giving Rewards, Opportunities and Wisdom) seminar marks a significant step for Citrus Media as we reach out to F&B companies in an effort to sustain productivity and enhance efficiency.

Held on 27 June at The Treetop Venue at *SCAPE was the G.R.O.W. (Giving Rewards, Opportunities and Wisdom) seminar, held in conjunction with the inaugural Citrus Lifestyle Event. The seminar, which catered to micro-F&B SME owners, witnessed movers and shakers from the sector who enthusiastically appeared to gain new insights. Budding new business partnerships were formed as these professionals exchanged valuable contacts during a cordial networking session while tucking in to delectable pastries offered by Pine Garden's Cake.


In hopes of promoting sustainability for business in the F&B industry, the seminar discussed common concerns and issues that many potential and existing F&B SME owners face today. Other interesting topics covered included the latest technology trends, methods to increase productivity, current policies and grants, as well as other available hospitality-related initiatives.


Ms Chan May Hwee from SPRING Singapore was present to address the pressing issue of manpower crunch with the introduction of new key initiatives that include the implementation of 'Self-Serve' concepts. Owners were encouraged to install standardised self-serve kiosks that are currently in use in several F&B outlets today, such as Curry Times Tingkat. The system has been proven to reduce the outlet's working staff by three times and allowed more efficient operations as customers make their own orders and require no less than ten minutes to get their food.


Examples of such systems were presented by Mr Chirag Tejuja of Tabsquare Pte Ltd, a leading provider of Point-Of-Sales solution, who highlighted their e-POS products such as e-Menu software, iPad POS and digital tablet menus. Restaurants that faced previous difficulties in hiring more manpower while under plans for expansion have seen a substantial decrease in such problems since the implementation of the self-serve concept - as a reported 28% reduction in manpower is witnessed in F&B SMEs.


In addition, outsourcing and centralising dishwashing services was pointed out as another way of boosting productivity. Centralised dishwashing centres such as Synnovate Solutions Pte Ltd who were also present at GROW, have become more sought after as businesses face increasing difficulties in employing locals for dishwashing duties. By engaging in centralised dishwashing businesses, managers will be able to delegate more staff to other core duties such as cooking. Both Synnovate Solutions Pte Ltd and Tabsquare Pte Ltd are SPRING-approved vendors, and have worked closely with SPRING Singapore over the years to support its initiatives and events with their services and products.


F&B SME owners will be able to gain access to these products and services with the aid of SPRING Singapore’s Capability & Development Grant (CDG). The grant provides up to 70% support for SMEs and covers aspects of hardware and software, consultancy, manpower and set-up concerns.


Other speakers who were involved with the seminar included Mr Chris Glaessel, founder and Managing Director of hospitality and F&B consultant company CIR | VIS. Chris Glaessel boasts an extensive knowledge of the industry from his 20 years' involvement in hotel operations, and shared personal advice on Innovation Mangement and Productivity Enhancement. A representative of the Restaurant Association of Singapore (RAS) was also present to offer tips on enhancing business initiatives with their member benefits.


Ms Noridayu Idris from the SME Centre by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises spoke about Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) grants, while Mr Ernest Lim, Managing Director of Aptsys Technology Solutions Pte Ltd spoke about Next Generation Point of Sales Systems.


For examples of more in-depth solutions, guests were also shown more productive and cost-effective ways with the use of high-technology fixtures by Jetstac Pte Ltd. An authorised distributor of 3M Architectural and Interior Solutions, Jetstac came to showcase and talk about 3M hospitality solutions, as well as sustainable decorative solutions and filtration solutions.


In addition, Teraoka Weigh-System Pte Ltd, had some of their products on display. These included self-service kiosk machines that are claimable under the PIC scheme. Teraoka Weigh-System Pte Ltd is a multinational Japanese electronic company that provides electronic solutions for the retail and hospitality business, with a Research & Development (R&D) Team based in Singapore and other regional R&D centres in Japan, China, Europe, Indonesia and the Philippines. 


At the end of the day, all guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet spread catered by Oh's Farm Catering.

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