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The Metropolitan Y, managed by the Metropolitan YMCA Singapore (MYMCA), is a hostel that not only provides guests utmost hospitality, but also functions with social conscience in mind. It has constantly changed itself to improve on its reputation of being an affordable and comfortable ...READ MORE
This year, come May 5th to 7th, Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition SIAL CHINA 2016 will once again welcome 2,900 exhibitors and 66,000 professional visitors with 126,000 sqm in Shanghai. Poland, gearing towards becoming the major food supplier not only for Europe ...READ MORE
Technology has become ubiquitous in the hospitality and F&B sectors. From online platforms that allow customers to easily book a room or reserve a table, to physical devices and equipment that create a seamless and enjoyable customer experience, technology has enabled the ...READ MORE
There is a healthy demand for Japanese food, according to Mr Yoshimasa Hayashi, the Japanese Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. On top of that, overseas shipments of processed food products surpassed the value of ¥700 billion this year, one year ahead of target. It is with ... READ MORE


Gone were the days where closing a sale required scanners or even the first-generation Electronic Cash Registers (ECR). The early ECRs were controlled with software and were very limited in their functions and communication capabilities ...READ MORE


The 12th edition of THAIFEX-World of Food Asia rounded up on 25 May after five days of intense activity on a record high. It proved its mettle as one of Asia’s top food and hospitality exhibition once again by welcoming more than 35,000 trade visitors and 1,675 exhibitors across 16 sect ...READ MORE


Mum's recipes will always occupy a special place in our heart. And in everyday cooking, those sumptuous dishes might have been flavoured by Hai's instant sauces and pastes. Established in 1984, the family-owned company has been making ready-to-cook ...READ MORE
There used to be a time when dining out involved a simple three-step process: 1). Pick the most appetizing items on the menu. 2). The food arrives. 3). Feast like royalty. Then, social media came along. Singaporeans became ...READ MORE
With a legacy left behind four generations ago by Mr Hauw Kiat, grandfather of current Managing Director of Tuck Lee Ice Pte Ltd, Mr Hauw Wee, the company has certainly soared to higher heights since the senior Mr Hauw bought the brand in 1957. The name Tuck Lee is actually derived from ...READ MORE
Caviar - an intricate food product once described by Greek philosopher, Aristotle, as a delicacy that was often served at lavish banquets with a trumpet fanfare along with garnishing of flowers. As if it was insufficient to indicate the high regard people back then had for caviar ...READ MORE

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